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Suzanne has been a speaker and panelist at conferences across North America, Europe and Australia throughout her career. 


Some of Suzanne's most sought-after topics include:

- It CAN Happen Here - Preparing for An Active Shooter Attack 

- Terror in the Workplace - Survivor Case Studies & Lessons Learned

- The New Era of Crisis Communications - From Terrorism to Twitter and Beyond

- The Invisible Threat - Planning for Infectious Diseases

- The New Era of Emergency Management - Case Studies and Lessons Learned

- Heroes, Helpers, and Hope - Disaster Heroes by Suzanne Bernier

- Measles, Ebola and MERS, Oh My! Planning for Infectious disease outbreaks & epidemics

She also speaks to schools, organizations and companies on a variety of topics, including how to be a hero to others and in your own life. 

From students to banking executives to first responders, Suzanne prides herself on her ability to communicate clearly and effectively to audiences at all levels and from all industries. She is a down-to-earth communicator who likes to engage her audiences with entertaining, dynamic and thought-provoking presentations.


Speaking/presentation services (online and/or in-person) include:

  • Keynote presentations

  • Conference breakout sessions

  • 'Ask the Expert' and/or custom-designed Webinars

  • Customized online training/educational 'Lunch and Learn' sessions

  • Panels

  • Seminars


"Excellent speaker!"

"Great presentation!"

"Lots of great examples and what worked well for those situations - also where companies missed opportunities. Lots of good take-away suggestions to consider."

"Great experience and examples."


"Very interesting and valuable to our BC program."

"Superb." - Comments from attendees of the Disaster Recovery Information Exchange (DRIE) Southwestern Ontario Chapter, June 2019 

"Suzanne, I didn't get to come over at IAEM and introduce myself, but I did want to send you a message and tell you how absolutely inspiring your presentation was!!!

THANK YOU for bringing light to a dark industry - I struggle with finding the good in what I do, especially as Private Sector and typically being labeled as a Blue Light Chaser. Not only EM but the World needs more HELPERS." - Attendee of the 2019 International Association of Emergency Managers (IAEM) Canada Conference in Calgary, Canada

"Suzanne was great. Her sense of humor and knowledge of content, plus presentation skills, was so refreshing."

"Suzanne was awesome. Very passionate about the topic and knowledgeable. Voice quality was excellent."

"Excellent - one of the best of the Conference!"

"Excellent talk - Suzanne is amazing."

"Best Presenter yet."

"Excellent. Great info and content. Amazing presentation."

"Absolutely repeat this session." - Comments from attendees of the 2016 Continuity Insights Management Conference in Nashville, TN

"You were an exciting and inspiring speaker! Thank you for your positive energy! Je vous remercie!"

"Your visit and words are still bringing inspiration to our entire student body! Thank you for making them feel 'worthy'! You rock!"

"It is always a fabulous uplifting time with you on campus! I am able to build on your wisdom in class each year!"

"It is a huge event when you come! The kids are still talking about it! We thank you so very much for the infusion of positive energy that you bring to our campus."

"Thank you so much for your time, passion, and wisdom. Your visits and generosity towards the JSC students will have long-ranging effects to make the world a more positive place." - Comments from the faculty of Jefferson Street Campus, Neosho, Missouri, May 2019


“On behalf of MCNY and IAEMSA, I would like to officially thank you for taking time out of your busy schedule to present on a very relevant and serious topic. Your presentation was very informative and captivated those who attended; this has been evidenced by the positive feedback I have received from students and professors.


The fact that you are always on the go and always traveling to various destinations around the world, and still managed to make time to educate and inform students at MCNY, is a testament to your commitment to spreading the word about lessons learned from Canada. Further, it is shows that you are committed to growing the field of emergency and disaster management.”

Obiano Huntley, IAEMSA President, Metropolitan College of New York


 “On Monday 30th September (2013), New South Wales State Emergency Services staff and volunteers attended an informative and entertaining talk on social media in emergencies presented by Canadian expert Suzanne Bernier.


Suzanne had already presented at the social media in disaster management conference in Sydney, Australia, and kindly offered her time to put on a social media presentation specifically for the NSW SES on her experience with the use of social media in disasters. SES volunteers, staff and guests attended the presentation – with some travelling from as far as Wollongong to make the most of this very special opportunity.


With her approachability, funny manner and background in government and volunteering, she had the ability to relate to everyone that attended.” - New South Wales Australian Institute of Emergency Services “News and Views” article, October 2013

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