• Development and delivery of course curriculum and supporting lesson plans, materials and presentations for online Crisis Communications course for Canada’s leading public safety post-secondary institution, the Justice Institute of British Columbia (JIBC)

  • Development of Crisis Management Plan and supporting materials for a leading global insurance company

  • Executive Team crisis management training for a leading global insurance company 

  • Crisis Communications tabletop exercise for one of Canada's largest investment fund companies

  • Media relations/spokesperson training for the Executive Team of a major post-secondary institution in Canada

  • Development and delivery of an Active Shooter Exercise for one of the largest and most recognized post-secondary institutions in Canada

  • Business continuity plan development for one of the largest post-secondary institutions in Northern Ontario

  • Development and delivery of Emergency Operations Centre (EOC) course for the Eastern Ontario Emergency Training Academy formerly known as the Eastern Ontario Fire Academy)

  • Media relations/spokesperson training for the Eastern Ontario Emergency Training Academy

  • Development and delivery of media relations/spokesperson training for Ontario fire prevention officers 

  • Crisis communications tabletop exercise for a major post-secondary institution in North America

  • Development and delivery of inaugural emergency management training course for Canadian film industry professionals - first course of its kind in North America

  • Cybersecurity tabletop exercise for one of Canada's largest invetsment fund companies

  • Development and delivery of Emergency Operations Centre (EOC) Management and Crisis Communications training course for First Nations communities

  • Business Continuity Program development, implementation and oversight for one of the largest government agencies in Ontario

  • Development and delivery of an Infectious Disease Exercise and BCP review for one of North America's leading investment fund companies

  • Member of cross-country team tasked with developing Report analyzing Canada’s response to the 2013 Alberta floods

  • Development and delivery of and Emergency Management & BCP program for the third-largest power distribution company in North America

  • Review and refinement of the Business Continuity Plan and program of a highly respected and recognized national insurance company

  • Development and delivery of a pandemic tabletop exercise for a national insurance company

  • Development and delivery of the first UN Headquarters pandemic tabletop exercise to evaluate the effectiveness of their plan


"Suzanne's Spokesperson/Media Communications course is designed to give politicians, municipal staff and emergency responders a greater level of comfort, while reporting to media in emergency situations. Suzanne makes the course fun and informative, and the practical applications that are practiced during the course give the emergency services team the confidence they need to communicate effectively and effortlessly.


Since taking the course, I find myself using the basic principles during my daily conversations and communications. This course should be mandatory for all emergency responders and those involved in emergency planning. Media Communications is well worth the time and money that you will invest."

- Councilor Kate Windle, Town of Renfrew ON, June 2016

"Suzanne was great. Her sense of humor and knowledge of content, plus presentation skills, was so refreshing."

"Suzanne was awesome. Very passionate about the topic and knowledgeable. Voice quality was excellent."

"Excellent - one of the best of the Conference!"

"Excellent talk - Suzanne is amazing."

"Best Presenter yet."

"Excellent. Great info and content. Amazing presentation."

"Absolutely repeat this session."
- Comments from attendees of the 2016 Continuity Insights Management Conference in Nashville, TN


“On behalf of MCNY and IAEMSA, I would like to officially thank you for taking time out of your busy schedule to present on a very relevant and serious topic. Your presentation was very informative and captivated those who attended; this has been evidenced by the positive feedback I have received from students and professors.


The fact that you are always on the go and always traveling to various destinations around the world, and still managed to make time to educate and inform students at MCNY, is a testament to your commitment to spreading the word about lessons learned from Canada. Further, it is shows that you are committed to growing the field of emergency and disaster management.”

- Obiano Huntley, IAEMSA President, Metropolitan College of New York

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